Friday, December 3, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnd I Quit!

So after two days I give up on the photo contest. Everyone else in the contest is getting around 5 to 10 comments for their team daily, Hunter and I were getting 2! ha! Myself and my old stand by, never let me mom :) I love you Mom thanks for being our teammate and supporter! Oh, and thank you Nicola I know you hooked us up too, much appreciated. I know over the weekend I'm probably not going to even get online, and I hate bugging people or reminding them to do things for us so I quit the contest. I'm a quitter... yep, thats me. :) I think we have around 5 votes in the hat for the drawing so hey you never know!

I'm also a Hokie fan quiter. I told Hunter I didnt want to go to the game. I know, fair weather fan. I just feel like I have so much to get done around the house before our Christmas party next weekend and I will be a much happier camper and wife if I hunker down this weekend and get stuff done! I need to clean, grocery shop for party food/drink, decorate both our trees, and hang up garland on the banster and front porch! Not to mention figure out the set up of the party in my head and maybe even get started on a few of the food items I can make ahead of time. And in case I haven't justified my quilty conscious yet, its going to be freeeeeeezing out there on Saturday! The cold memories of freezing my tootsie off at last weekends game are still to fresh. I will watch the Hokies (hopefully win) by the comfort and warmth of my living room while decorating our xmas tree. And Hunter's feelings weren't too hurt, pretty sure I saved him around 150 dollars on my ticket and now I can be his DD to and from the game :)

I DID however where Maroon to work today AND I am joining my husband, in a few minutes at the Hokie pep rally here in uptown Charlotte.

H-O-K-I-E- S HOKIES!!!!!

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  1. :( those B's are knocking them dead with that contest!! I went onto one of the posts the other day and I think one of the teams had like 20 hits!


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