Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirty Santa Success - Decor Pictures

Ahhh, the party was a success! GREAT fun with GREAT friends!! Hunter and I as hostesses accomplished our goals which were pretty decor (duh), good food (double duh), and for us to enjoy the party, not be running around the whole time like chickens with our heads cut off. We'll pat ourselves on the back because I must say he and I enjoyed the party as much as everyone else!!
At 6pm guests started to arrive and we still had the pork tenderloins biscuits, and steak crostinis to assemble. We greeted guests in between working on those minor things, and with the help of a few close friends, hot food was on display by 7pm. From 7pm until 3am (whoa, i know!) we didn't lift a finger unless it was to refill a drink :) If I do say so myself each party we throw gets better and better because we are learning more and more about what to do and NOT to do when hosting!
A few years back, I threw a couples shower for about 35-40 people inside our home in mid-November. It was this time I learned our house is TOO SMALL to have 40 people inside of it. It's broken into rooms not an open layout which led to everyone either cramming into the same room or a very broken up shower at times. I vowed to never do that again which meant we only throw small gatherings in the winter or large backyard parties in the summer.... UNTIL now!! Hunter finished off our garage this past month!
(I'll do a post on the garage refinishing next, you will be amazed by the before and afters.)
It really worked out well having the garage as the "main room". During parts of the party like the Dirty Santa Exchange everyone could fit into one room. However, we left the door from the garage to the kitchen open so guests felt free to roam about the house and make themselves comfy in the living room if that's what they fancied. We set up one long food and drink table against the wall in the garage, had a Christmas tree out there (perfect for dirty Santa gifts) and on the opposite wall placed a rug with toys for the babies to play on (i called this baby land)! :) I can DEFINITELY see Dirty Santa making a return next year!

Thank you to Lindsey Regan Thorne for her fab photography work. She snapped all the pictures of the evening for me for which I am so grateful! I wanted to get these decor pictures posted because I know some are anxious to see them. I'll gather together all the smiling faces of the evening into a seperate post. (Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them). ENJOY!

Adorable Owen in "Baby land"messmorized by the hanging ornaments :)

Pomegranates and Pine cones, our dining room centerpiece idea I stole from the most recent issue of Traditional Home Magazine.

A sweet treat inside the house

Our Office tree
Sweet Treats outside


  1. Been waiting for this post! Not sure how Hunter will feel when he realizes he was called a "hostess" ;0)

    You did a fab job, as always! xox

  2. Perfectly stated... everything was sensational! ;) All the details were beautiful and the food + drinks tasted sooooo good! Love the eggnog! Loved all the touches and your white chocolate cereal mix was divine... will you do a recipe post on that? Thanks again for all the fun!!
    xx-o, LRT

  3. Your Christmas ornaments in the water with the floating candles turned out great. Did you end up using little rocks in the ornaments like you mentioned in a previous post, or did you go another route?

  4. Ha! Sara B Hunter doesn't mind :) Linds - I'll for sure post the recipe super easy! Danna - actually the openings to the ornaments was too small for little pebbles plus don't think the pebbles would have sunk them in water anyways...I ended up filling the ornaments up with water and that made them sink.


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