Friday, December 17, 2010

Twas the week before Christmas...

This week before Christmas has been busy busy! Work is demanding as usual with a 7:30am time stamp in, along with having something planned EVERY night after work.
  • Monday we had Hunter's work Christmas party
  • Tuesday a Charlotte Bobcats basketball game in celebration of a friends 30th birthday
  • Wednesday my work Christmas Party (which I actually bailed on in order to have taco night with my hubby at home...we just couldn't do it knowing we had Thursday and Friday plans coming up too!)
  • Thursday a girlfriends dress fitting and then dinner to visit with another friends mom who is in town.
  • Tonight we are headed to dinner with another close girlfriend of mine and her boyfriend whom we have YET to meet and they've been dating for probably around 8 months now!! LONG over due!
  • Tomorrow will be filled with laundry, house cleaning, Christmas shopping(only a few little things left to get for my Pops), and Jake will get all the ball throwing and walking his heart desires since he has been such a neglected puppy this past week.
  • Sunday I will hang out with my little sister in the morning and then we have a Gingerbread House making party (not sure how to word that) at 2pm which I must say I am UBER EXCITED FOR :)
There's just something about decorating Gingerbread houses that brings on the Christmas Spirit. Our friends The Mitchells are hosting! They are providing the structure of the houses but having everyone bring a candy to decorate with and a dish/app to pass. The husbands were convinced to come by telling them there will be beer and football on TV at the same time :)
This gathering is such a great way to get friends together to celebrate the season without having to throw a huge Christmas party! I can't wait!
  • Next week Hunter and I are working Monday - Thursday and celebrating Christmas with with my parents in D.C. until Monday! It will be a quiet weekend with just the four of us which we are REALLY looking forward to. Quality time, relaxation, yummy food, maybe a little ice skating in Reston Town Center......can we skip to Sunday and Then to next Thursday PLEASE!!!???

For the weekend in D.C. with my parents I had Beecher's Mac n Cheese shipped to their house. It was one of Oprahs favorite things. I'm such a sucker for 1. Mac n Cheese, 2. Oprahs favorite things, then throw the holidays into the mix, I picture us enjoying it as a family in cozy sweatpants on the couch in front of the fire.....mmmmmmmmmm I hope it doesn't disappoint! We also have lots of chex mix supplies left over from the Christmas party so thinking about making a Chex Party Mix. On top of that I'm craving Oreo Balls and Hunter's moms Oyster Cracker Snack Mix ....not sure why I'm craving all these things? No, not preggers :) But, I forsee a little time spent in the kitchen this weekend!! Mom I'm bringing some snacky stuff just so you know :)

Other than food, another thing that has been on my mind is UGGS!!! I've been going back and forth on whether I want a pair or not and have officially decided I DO!! I don't plan on wearing them out on a Saturday or anything but I'm thinking to throw on after work, wear to a friends house on a Sunday, or to those cold football games! Yep, I want em and I can't get them fast enough! Except I don't know what size, what color, or what length. Do I go up a size or down a size, black, chocolate, or grey, short or tall???? Decisions, decisions. It's not the time of year to buy ourselves things anyways, its the time to buy for I'm holding off for now but I REALLY WANT THEM. And I think its interesting how I went from not being sure I wanted them to all of sudden NEEDING THEM NOW. Such a GIRL!

Hope you all are stress free and enjoying the Holidays! Have a great weekend. xoxo

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