Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We arrived Thursday night to my parents home spotlessly clean, perfectly decorated with warm and cozy candles lit ready to celebrate Christmas. My dad joked over the phone on our car ride up saying "Mom's ready for you...she's cleaned the house 3 times, redecorated 4 times, and has walked into your bedroom 5 times to make sure this is the prefect f'n house in America...hahahaha I love you Mom Thanks :) It WAS all PERFECT!

Mom reads the blogs!!...she wrapped her books with xmas ribbon! :)

Love these Photos in my parents home...the top one is of my Dad when he was in the Marines years ago and the bottom picture is my oldest Brother who is currently serving.

Mom and Dad hang stockings for all kids and grandkids. I LOVE THEM!

Friday after a relaxing morning we headed to Reston Town Center where Dad showed us around his new office space. It always nice to see where family spends most of their day :) Next we headed outdoors to take in the ice skaters and Christmas decor before stopping into a bar called Clyde's for a few Christmas Eve (afternoon) cocktails. After Clyde's we bar hopped over to Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, a pub right next to my parents house, for a few beers and then headed home for the night. We noshed on apps, cracked a few bottles of wine at home, and played Euchre for hours! We night capped with a viewing of A Christmas story and of course a reading of Twas the night before Christmas by Dad. It was a great quality time family day.

Christmas morning mom and I awoke first and dragged the boys out of bed around 9ish. Coffee, gifts, breakfast around the table, and then Showers in that order. The rest of the day was spent like I'm sure most of yours eating, and playing with our new gadgets. Santa brought me a new Cannon Rebel T2i camera, Chanel perfume, big pearl earrings, Vickis Pjs, hot rollers and lots of other fun little items. Hunter's big hit was his new BB gun and he and my dad both got the little helicopters from Brookstones that brought much entertainment to us alllllllllll day! In between helicopter playing Dad and Hunter managed to cook a delicious prime rib, scallop potatoes, and veggies for Christmas dinner. No one stood a chance at staying awake after that meal :)

The snacks I said in an earlier post I wanted to make. Home made chex mix, oreo balls, and Ranch dill oyster crackers!

Sunday Mom and I left the boys sleeping to do a little outlet mall shopping and then met up with them in the afternoon at Jimmy's for some lunch and football. Sunday night as pictured we got cozy by the fire in our PJ's with the Beecher's mac n cheese. Which by the way DID NOT disappoint. It was cheesy, yet had those those crunchy pasta/cheese pieces on the top and edges, I LOVE those. Sad to leave Christmas 2010 behind us but feeling very blessed to have spent it with such a loving and fun family!

Not a great picture of Mom and I but hey what do you expect it's a PJ pic! :)

A 4 day work week ahead...Then Hunter and I our bringing in the New Year at Crave Dessert Bar! My girlfriends and I getting our hair and makeup did, and putting on fancy dresses to dance the night away!

BTW.....SUPER Jealous we missed all the Charlotte snow! The pictures you all are posting of the snow fall on your homes and streets are just gorgeous. Although, I hate that it caused a few travel hassles :( Hope everyone is home safe and sound now and ready to bring on 2011!!! I know we are!

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  1. Looks like a perfect little Christmas with you and the family!! :) I'm glad you had a great time hunny! And it's so cute that your mom reads these and did the book ribbon ties! Adorable!


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