Monday, December 6, 2010

Tyrod Taylor Lunsford

After this past Saturdays performance I'm certain Hunter is naming our second born son Tyrod Taylor Lunsford. :) I'll never forget the day 4 years ago when Tyrod signed with VT. Hunter came home from work, grinning ear to ear, and informed me that VT just signed an AMAZING quarterback out of highschool, his name TYROD TAYLOR. It wasn't long before we named our garage fridge Tyrod (doesn't everyone name their garage refrigerators?) ...its actually kinda catchy..."Wifey will you grab me a beer out of Tyrod?" "Sure babe, coming right up!" "I thought we had a frozen pizza?" "It's in Tyrod"
Anywho, it was a GREAT GAME, Hubby had a GREAT TIME and I was productive around the house before and after the game. Caught up on laundry, cleaning, decorating, and even got some presents wrapped and under the tree. Hunter painted our garage floor on Sunday and things are moving along nicely in the Lunsford household. Still a busy week ahead in preparation of party time Saturday but we'll get it all done, we always do!

Here's a few pictures from the Pep Rally at the Epicenter Friday night!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Thanks so much for including me in your blog roll :) My husband went to VT and is a big Hokie fan. We were just in Blacksburg last month. He SO wanted to be at the game in Charlotte. Considering the Orange Bowl...

  2. Hi Chassity, your very welcome! Your blog has great inspiration and as you can see I fell in love with lots of your daily reads :) Yeah the Orange Bowl is a tough one to was a great season but can't say I'm sad it's over :)


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