Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card Ideas

Now, that our Christmas cards are out I can blog about them :) I realize it's sort of late for Christmas card ideas so you all will just have to put this post in your memory bank and come visit it again next year. I actually do that all the roll and click on last years Christmas posts to get ideas for the upcoming holidays. And you can do it any holiday for that matter.

Anywho, I have an obsession with Christmas Cards. To me Christmas Cards are a HUGE part of the season and a simple way to let your friends and family know your thinking of them during this time of year. I love sending them out and I love receiving them :). In today's social networking age they loose a little bit of their luster when you send out that family picture and everyone already knows how much your family has grown over the past year because they see through facebook or blogs. BUT, the traditionalism of receiving things like a hand written letter or Christmas card you can't deny and that's what this Wanna-be Southern Belle loves!
Hunter and I don't have cute little kiddies yet to put on our Christmas Cards so I'm always looking for pretty and creative ideas for our cards. Four years ago I was BIG into Stampin' up and hand made ALL of our Christmas cards. If you have the time, try it! Even if you don't have the time just make a few to send out and buy the rest! If you want to try it and don't know where to start here's my step by step with an Example included! :)

Go online to gather some ideas and decide on a card you'd like to make or use as your inspiration. Then head on over to Michael's or any craft store and buy a few simple supply items. You can get creative and make several different cards or you can make the same card for everyone. If you make the same card you'll cut down your supply need. Here's an example.... I searched the below sites and found this card on split coast stampers. While browsing the cards I made sure to look at how many items it would take to make and this one was cute and basic... just needing paper, and stamps. Some people get REALLY into their card making...which is great if you want to drop the bucks on all the different supplies it takes for the great effects and embellishments.
Inspiration Sites:
Stampin' UP

Things you'll need for this card:
Red Card Stock (in the inspiration picture it looks like they are using more of a brick red & olive color cardstock)
Green Card Stock
Christmas Tree stamp
Little star stamp (Im SURE you can find this at micheals)
A Pharse Stamp
Gold Ink pad
Martha Edge Punch
Two-sided Tape glider
paper cutter
And these little guys are the best! They are a little sticker that you can place under your Christmas tree cut out to give it a raised 3-D look.

There ya have it and if any of my friends or family want to make cards one year... your in luck, because I have supplies out the wazoo that you can borrow!

Two Years ago is one of my all time favorite cards that we sent out. After home making cards the year prior I was in the mood for something elegant! To I went and once I read the saying on this card I knew immediately it was a perfect reflection of Hunter and I. It was original, catchy, yet meaningful! I still to this day can remember it off the top of my head "The old wish but no less sincere, may you be blessed with prosperity and a happy new year!" It just makes me smile saying it :)

And last year we were engaged and soon to be married so I had a little fun with our engagement pictures and "the soon to be Lunsfords" saying :) Here was our last years card...

Matching return labels :)

And this year was a really really tough choice! I first thought I would do a wedding picture and something cute like Love The Lunsfords Est. 2010. But honestly I'm kinda of wedding pictured out and if I was then thought my friends and family would be too. Then as I was browsing cards at Tiny Prints had the idea to do a sepia picture of our fireplace and do something along the lines of Merry Christmas from our home to yours....

But I just created this today and didn't get our house decorated in time to snap the picture and get them ordered. I do LOVE this card though so even though I'm spilling the beans right now by showing you all I might just have to use it next year :)

My other idea was to look on etsy to find something different. I found these and they were simple, cute and inexpensive...done! Christmas cards ordered!

UNTIL.........Hunter came to me with the idea to take a picture of Jake "going #2" with a Santa hat on. The thing was he wanted to capture this picture and use if for our dirty Santa party invites. I loved the idea and immediately order a dog Santa hat :) Luckily I know Jakes pooping schedule...every morning when I first let him out! So one Saturday morning I followed him out there with the camera and as he went to swat I put on his Santa hat quickly and wala! The ONE picture I had time to snap turned out perfect! We got lucky, very lucky. So I went inside and started looking for Christmas party invitations that would fit this picture of JAKE doing his business with a Santa hat on. Shockingly enough, I found NOTHING. Not many invitations allowed you to upload a picture (that more of a Christmas card thing) and the ones that did didn't fit our dirty Santa theme. With that said I gave up on the invite idea and started looking at Christmas cards to upload the picture to. THIS is what I came up with. I thought it was fun, light hearted and HYSTERICAL :) I HAD to order some! Hunter thought they were funny but was worried not everyone would see our humor. And with the etsy ones already ordered we didnt want them to go to waste. We ended up just ordering a few of the Jake cards and then sent our Etsy ones to most people.
Can you believe our long drawn out Christmas card picking process? :) Does everyone think about their cards as much as I do?
I can't wait to check our mailbox in a few hours!!! xoxo


  1. Kristen.......I'm the same way........its the only month during the year that I actually run to check the mail!!!!! :)

  2. Love it and your so right gives you something to look forward too... ok honest opinion though... JT and I were slackers and DID NOT send out xmas cards... do you think it's a stoop move to send out Happy New Years cards? I found lots online last night. Let me know what you think? :) xoxo!

  3. ps... saving this post in my faves! I only think to go to never think to go to any of these others sites AND I love the example you posted from etsy! Great post Betty!

  4. I LOVE the NYE card idea. I think its a great way to still get cards out even if the holidays slip by you. You should def do it!


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