Thursday, December 9, 2010

WINE-down Wednesday

Isn't that such a creative name? Brixx our watering hole of choice (as Hunter would say) does a wine tasting every Wednesday, thought it would be a great excuse to get all the ladies together and catch up! We attended our first one last night, cheers to making it a once a month thing!!! It can be like our bunco except we'll just drink and talk and not play bunco :) Not that I'm dissing bunco, I don't even know what bunco is I just know lots of girls do's some pics from WINE-down Wednesday :)

And apparently myself, Carmen, Kristin, & Linds are the posers of the group :)

Saturday Christmas party, Monday Hunter's work party, Tuesday a Bobcats game birthday party (shh its a surprise), and next Friday a holiday dinner with a couple we want to celebrate the season with but can't make our party! Have I mentioned I love our friends and this time of year :)


  1. big fat smile on my face! ;) thanks for organizing girl... let's start dinner night out - first Thursday of every month, on going!
    {ps... clearly, I loved KY's boobies in those pics...} xoxo, LRT

  2. Sad I missed it - in for the next one!

  3. I love the new look of the blog! Looks like you ladies had too much fun!

  4. Thanks Danna, and thanks for the follow! :) Sara B - for sure!


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