Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Wally World Front Porch

I'm still not certain Hunter loves the front porch this year (he's a hard man to please) but if you remember this post and the below Pottery Barn inspiration.

Here is what I created for our front porch from Wally World products (minus the trees - we had those)

Project just started...

Camera had trouble focusing on this pic but you get the idea of what it looks like at night

I think it turned out pretty good...the little red bow in the center is sort of driving me crazy...I need to straighten him out or do something! We also couldn't swag the garland at the top like I wanted because any higher it would cover the window and any lower it would be in the way of the door. Thinking about buying some suction cup hooks and trying to swag the top center onto the window and raising the sides to see if that looks better. As you can see in the progress pic our garland wasn't long enough, oops! I didnt' stress because the trees cover the bottom but I'd like to buy more and make it the correct length and then I could raise and swag easier too. AND Naturally, I need to bring in our fake snow machine to make it look even comparable to the Pottery Barn inspiration pic! So it can stand for some improvements that I may or may not make for this year...but def will do for next year!

Show me some pictures of your festive front porches! I want to see them! :) xoxo


  1. I think it looks great! Especially considering you did a knock of version of PB from WALLY WORLD! Tell Hunter to stop being Christmas snobby!!

  2. Turned out great KL! I think you found a new little hobby... knock off's! And your knock off's look better than the real deal! Love the last pic with the lights on!


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