Wednesday, July 6, 2011

23 Weeks!

My back hurts...just the first thought that popped in my head as I sit and type this. Moving on... :)

Size of baby: A Papaya! About 11 inches long and over one pound.

Weight: This morning scale said 146.7. But then again I always weight myself in the morning, nekid. So who knows what the Dr's. scale will say this after noon fully belly and clothes. I'll be happy as long as I haven't hit the 150 mark yet. Just not quite ready for the big 5-0. 147 would be having gained 17 pounds so far.

Gender: Our son! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Yep, lots last night. I actually got to lay in bed and instead of feeling my stomach I just watched it. For a good 10 minutes just starred at my belling moving around. So cool, and such a GREAT piece of mind :) Keep moving for me Hunter!

Sleep: Good. I def feel like my stomach grew this past week and as a result I am tossing and turning a bit more. Furthermore, Hunter must be putting more weight or pressure on my bladder now again because I'm back to the up 2-3 times a night to pee. no fun.

What I miss: hmmmmm I struggle with this question every week. I guess because I know I miss stuff but all in all I know this is all short lived so none of it bothers me that bad. I of course miss my old body, miss having a beer on the back porch with my husband, I miss not feeling like I got ran over by a truck if I stay up past midnight. I miss being able to eat stuff without thinking about what it is. But again, yes I miss all of these things but not to the point that it is effecting my mood or that I am bothered by it.

Best moment this week: Watching Hunter put molding up in the nursery. Something about watching daddy work on his son's room made me smile. Not to mention it's a good feeling knowing progress is being made towards the kid having a room.

Looking forward to: Dr's appt today at 4:30pm!! Can't WAIT to hear the heart beat and see what I weigh. It will be the first time they measure my belly too.

Cravings: I never think of something on my own that I want. But the second I see a picture of something yummy or hear someone talk about a particular food, I want it.

Symptoms: In the "what to expect when expecting book" They list out a slew of symptoms one might be experiencing by month. I'm in my 5th month now and here are the symptoms from the book's list that I have....

-Fetal activity - check!
-Vaginal discharge - TMI...but hey it's a symptom
-Soreness in lower abdomen
-Occasional headaches and dizziness
-Nasal Congestion - I wake up congested every morning. Clears up after the shower.
-Sensitive gums - until I read this as a symptom I was wondering why my gums where bleeding when I brushed and flossed when they never had before. check!
-Hearty appetite - suweeet, I'm normal! :)
-Leg cramps
-Itchy abdomen
-Protruding naval yes please :)
-enlarged breasts. that's an understatement....

Pictures: Hunter snapped these bad boys for me last night :)

My t-shirts fit awesome these days ;)




  1. You are too, too cute! Seriously, you look great. I can't imagine what it will be like one day watching my tummy move around ... craaaaazy!

    So I got your comment on my Vineyard Vines post, yes - they invited me via email - no clue how they found my blog! It's a mystery but one that I was glad to partake in! :)

    Let's still plan to get up soon once things settle down for you!

  2. Looking good mama!!! I can't wait to see big Hunters hard work in the nursery! I say you do a progress of the nursery post!


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