Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Weekend

It was a relaxing yet productive weekend in the Lunsford household. Friday we had dinner with family, Saturday we lunched and then did a little shopping. Saturday night we watched the Hokies beat Duke. (Needless to say that was a GREAT night!) Sunday I hung out with my little sister while Hunter checked MANY things off of his Honey-Do list!


1. Hunter fixed our WI-FI this weekend!!! Hip HIP HORRAY!! No more plugging up the computer in the kitchen, no more cords, and no more neglected office space.
2. Hunter fixed our under cabinet lights in the kitchen!! You have NO idea what a neccessity these little guys are until you have them and then don't! I guess the ones we had were so old Hunter had to completely install a new set. Handy Man Hunter!
3. STILL attempting to brighten our living room I got some pillows this weekend. I think they're purty! We also got our carpet stanley steamed! Best 100 dollars spent in a LONG time! They look like NEW!
4. Another pillow cover purchased...dropped this guy off to be monogrammed today. WANNA-BE, right here!
5. This is our calendar for March - we are BizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzEEE!!! You can't see the last weekend but thats booked up too with Hunter's BIG 30th birthday BASH!
6. This is the inside of our Shed - the organization of it has YET to be crossed off the Honey-Dew list but all in good time people! :)


  1. Well look @ you... a blog post finally! ;) Good job Hunt on the honey-do list! I love the new pillows and what a perfect little spot for your monogram!

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