Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome to my world

Thought you all would enjoy this little excerpt out of my day.

In ritual, I came in this morning and browsed a few blogs with my morning coffee. I came across these rooms on House of Turquoise. I fell especially in love with this room and thought it is set up almost the same way as our living room with the windows on each side of the fireplace.

So, I did a quick paint collage and compared our living room with the Armonia Decor living room.

Yep, and now I officially HATE our living room. It looks so drab :( I email my dilemma to my friend, whom you all know by now, a designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist super talented all around Lindsey Regan Thorne. Like any GREAT friend she starts sending me pillows, wallpapers, and lots of simple ideas on how I can brighten up our room. I turn down the wallpaper idea just because I know my husband will NOT go for it, but I'm digging her suggestion of painting the room white (to brighten it up), adding crown molding, introducing blues with the greens and yellows and some new artwork. Keeping in mind Hunter and I already agreed we are putting hard woods in this room in a couple weeks, I email Hunter the above side by side picture and let him know of my makeover ideas. Here's his response. (btw, we talk via this messenger thing at work, kinda convenient) :)

22:19:43 HUNTER LUNSFORD : I like my living room the way it is. Will do hardwoods, and i'll put up crown molding for you, but that be it.
22:44:17 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : boooooooooo
22:44:21 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : paint white paint
22:44:28 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : ppppppwweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

22:44:45 HUNTER LUNSFORD : No.

I got 2 out of the like 5 things I wanted to do. Is that a win?

Plan B: Paint the room when Hunter is at a bachelor party the third weekend in March. He's a boy....he'll never realize its been done!


  1. Husbands don't need to know what's happening and being planned when it comes to a "shared" home. He has his snazzy garage and shed {let's not forget the entire front AND back yard}... so if he gets mad there's plenty of room for the blow up the airmattress in the shed. He'll get over it. I say you go big... and paint is a little cost for a big result! Plus his job is to rock away to the serene environment created by his lovely wifey while he’s watching the boob-tube! I see a girls weekend painting party! xo

  2. ps... he has golf as his hobby and you have decorating... so dec on chica!

  3. hahaha - love it!!!!
    i'm right there with ya - i had told carmen i have big plans for my bathroom (while rich is away as well)!!! :)

  4. ha! that is hilarios! The curtains on the other living room DEF make the room look bigger or make the ceiling looks higher! I love the splashes of red, pink and seafoam green - what an easy way to brighten up and give it some umpf!

  5. HA! Your hubs sounds like my hubs!!! and I love plan B!! {p.s. I just had a battle to paint our guest room white too.. and he was like "it's already white?" men.... does he not realize that there are a million bazillion shades of white???}


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