Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Months and all Settled In

Tomorrow is Hunter and I's 6 month anniversary. That sounds silly to say because 6 months isn't really anything to celebrate but we just can't believe how fast it has gone by! We're going to be celebrating our 1 year before we know it!
This past weekend was just one of those genuinely GREAT weekends. We were productive around the house, got in quality time with each other, friends, and family, and yet relaxed as well!
We started the weekend out friday by meeting after work for happy hour followed by dinner at a local mexican restaurant. On the way home, he stopped and picked up the movie Sex and the City 2 for me since I mentioned at dinner I hadn't seen it yet and wanted to, we watched it in bed that night. Saturday we woke up and cleaned out the garage. Moved all the stuff from the garage out to the shed, and mopped the garage floor. We could only work til 3pm since the HoKies game was on. I ran to the store quick, picked us up some subs and beer and we relaxed in the comfort of our living room while we watched the game. After an AWESOME HOKIE WIN we got ready for date night. Hunter had made 8:15pm dinner reservations just to do something little for our 6 months!! After dinner, we met up with some friends. Sunday, we worked a little bit more around the house and Hunter's parents came over for dinner. I made my ole stand by, Chicken pot pie!! You have to try this receipe. very EASY and very DELISH. We actually cheat by just using one of those already cooked rotessire chickens from the grocery store and Hunter has me add cut up celery to the mixed vegetables, we've thought about adding mushrooms in too but haven't tried it yet. And now after a nice dinner and seeing the rents off we've settled down in our chairs for the evening with a cup of hot tea! I just love this time of year! Thoughts of christmas decor and shopping fill my head and I just feel lots of love and coziness around.

Empty shed ready to be filled...

With all this STUFF

Clean garage

Date Night!

Jake had a playmate here all weekend so he was a tired pup tonight! I thought he looked so cute all curled up next to our new Pottery Barn pillows I just ordered for the holidays!!

I'm going to be posting this week all about our upcoming christmas party! I did the shopping for the decor last thursday (when I had off work for veterans day) and started some projects for it today :) xoxo

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  1. I love you guys - congrats LUNSFORDS on 6 months... and it is something to celebrate! :) Can't believe all the progress ya'll have made around the house - girlfriend you know how do get stuff done! :) Love you guys - congrats and cheers to many, many more years! xo-LRT


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