Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Party Inspiration Board

This will be the third year Hunter and I gather our friends together for a dirty santa gift exchange. It's really just a Christmas party but we like to do the "dirty santa gift exchange" as part of it because it always ends up adding much laughter and fun to the party. If you've never heard of a dirty santa then check out the rules here...

Here's my inspiration board for the party. And some commentary on the pictures :)

1. As stated before this is how I want to decorate the front of our house this year!

2. Trying to be budget conscious on this party as we have not done in the past :) So I'm not renting cloth linens, or chairs or anything for that matter! Instead we're going the paper route. I hate to do it but I like the extra money in my bank account. I found plaid paper table cloths, along with plaid paper plates and napkins, and a matching merry Christmas banner all at target. So that will be the base of the buffet/drink table with the Merry Christmas banner hanging above it all. The green casserole dish - I own the whole set of green platters and different size serving dishes so I'll use these to display the food on.
3. Not sure if this idea will come together or not but I plan to take gold and red balls like in the picture and place a tiny rock in the ball in order to make it sink in tall water filled vases with floating candles at the top. Picture 5 also shows how I imagine it looking from the top view.
4. The party will mainly all be set up in our garage. The garage will be nice and pretty by then with drywalled painted walls, and a painted floor. I plan to roll out an area rug for the kiddies to play on with some toys and we'll put one of our extra Christmas trees up in the corner. We'll have tons of candlelight, Christmas music playing and food/drink tables lining the walls. I'll have guests place all their "dirty Santa" gifts under the tree.
5. I want to hang glass ornament balls from the garage ceiling just like this. I'm not sure if I'll do gold and red or just red...I'll have to play with it and see what looks better.
6. Again this picture just represents the floating candles with ornaments in the vases as decor 7. I'll also place evergreen, pine cones, and ornament balls on the tables to kinda fill in the dull table space and carry the ornament theme along.
8. Oven-Roasted Cheese sticks Caprese - one of the foods we plan to serve
9. Steak Crostini's - another food we will serve ...this one was Hunter's idea, his main contribution to this party :)
10. For drinks we'll do a punch bowl of egg nog, a keg in a big green tub, and I'll set up lots of wine with wine glasses. I'll make the egg nog festive with little floating holly leaves in the bowl. I'm super excited to use our punch bowl we got for our wedding that we haven't gotten a chance to yet which is one of the many reason's why I love throwing parties...we get to use all our STUFF! :)
11. Savory Hand Pies - more food! We're also going to serve these items not on the inspiration board. crock pot meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, and red pepper pesto dip with chips.

So there ya have it, maybe you can picture it...maybe you can't :) I'll be sure to post some after pics and we'll see it if resembles the inspiration AT ALL! Invites are out ...bring on the holidays! xoxo

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  1. I love this Wanna-Be!!! All so pretty and I love that your using paper! The food sounds delish! I can't wait! xo


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