Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ask and I shall Recieve

Thank you Lindsey Regan Thorne for teaching me a few tricks of the trade. I was struggling yesterday with putting together pieces of my wardrobe and thanks to her my mind is much more clear now. Lindsey is a great friend and business owner here in Charlotte of Lindsey Regan Thorne Be Pretty. She does hair, makeup, and styling for mostly weddings, bridals, and engagement shoots but her talent is endless! She's now starting to offer a service called "Shop your Closet" where she will come over and create outfits for you out of the clothes you already own. Instead of going to spend 100 dollars on a new outfit why not have her come over and create 15 new outfits for you. She'll also tell you the staple pieces your are missing in your wardrobe and if you purchase those simple items she suggests it will create several new outfits for you. This was exactly the help I needed. The burberry scarf, leopard belt, and oxford shoes were exactly the fun I was missing yesterday when trying to put this outfit together. And the cream tights...DUH! I didn't like the contrast between the camel and dark brown because it WAS too much, I needed cream! Become a follower of her blog and you'll be sure to fall in love with Lindsey's adorable bubble gum personality, and incredible design talent in all sense of the word (makeup, hair, clothes, and interiors)!

Beyond the inspiration board she put together for me she also sent me this email yesterday with some extra tidbits on what I can wear with my camel skirt and Jacket.

"I think you should do it with your denim shirt but you can also dress up your denim shirt AND pair it with a neck scarf! Just wait… brown for the tights is too much so your gonna offset with some gray “sweater/cableknit” tights which will then make the blue shirt make sense b/c blue and grays are part of the same color family! Voila! Just you wait honeydip! "

Camel skirt, cream tights, brown oxfords, or........... camel skirt, grey tights.....greys and blues are in the same color family?????? who knew???? I'm learning so much! Thanks LINDS!! xoxo


  1. Well, thanks my little Belle! Anything for you... and my girlfriends, love ya'll endlessly! I expect a follow up of this outfit... you actaully wearing it, I need to snap some pic's! Have fun in NYC this weekend... come back with lots of goodies! xo

  2. I LOVE the new web design! very southern bellish! xoxox!


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