Monday, November 8, 2010

NY Minutes

My NYC trip was great and really reconnected my best friend Kristen (aka swanny) and I. I hadn't seen her since our wedding in May so it was a much needed trip! Flights from Charlotte to Laguardia are often cheap, like around 160 to 175 so we both agreed there is NO reason why we should go longer than a couple months without seeing each other any more! :) I left after work on Friday and got into NY around 10:30pm. Met Kristen and her boyfriend James at their apartment on the upper east side and then we all headed out to a nearby pub to catch up over cocktails. We must have had a LOT to catch up on cause we looked at the clock it was 4am! Whoa, I had forgot bars in NYC were open until 4 so was shocked to see the time ...the saying is true that time flies when your having fun :)

Saturday morning for obvious reasons we slept in a bit and then got ready for a day of shopping. It is so surreal stepping out of her apartment on a Saturday morning to the hustle and bustle of NYC, I just love it! We stopped into a bagel shop to grab some coffee and a bagel before catching the subway into Soho.

MMM, sesame bagel and REAL veggie cream cheese. Or spreads as they call it, SO good! We shopped in Soho for a few hours and of course I wanted to check out the new NYC DASH store that the Kardashians just opened up on Spring street. We waited in line for about 15mins to get in and I'd say it was worth it just to see the store since I had never been in one before but probably wouldn't' have waited a minute longer. I was NOT impressed. The store looked thrown together to cool decor, little merchandise, and the merchandise they did have was WAY over priced and not my style. But like i said, glad I got to see it.

After Soho, we continued our shopping in Union square, and then headed back to her apartment. All day I was on the hunt for cute oxfords and fell in love with these along with these fun boat shoes at Steve Madden.
They didn't have either of them at the store in Soho so I tried the one in Union square with no luck and another store on 86th by Kristen's apartment. NO dice! :( So, I'm gonna check here in Charlotte or try to order them online.
Saturday night Kristen, Myself and one of our other good friends from highschool that lives in the city all went to a really nice dinner in the West Village at Kingswood and then to a bar called Collective in the Meat Packing district. I'll never forget when I first started visiting Swanny I was so confused by the city and all its different areas. But now I actually have and idea of where we are going when Kristen says things like west village and meat packing.
After a few drinks we cabbed it back to upper east side and met up with their Men for a couple and then called it a fairly early night (compared to Friday) :)
Sunday, the five of us ...had brunch and then Kristen and I shopped at some local stores right by her apartment. I had two hours to kill before my flight, Kristen didn't buy anything the day prior, and I convinced her that considering she is going out of town this weekend with her boyfriend, has his family coming into the city for two weeks, and THEN is going to Ireland with him second weekend in December to visit his family, she's gonna need some new DIGS! We were VERY successful :)
So that was my home Sunday night around 7pm, loved on my husband and doggie, and made this soup I was craving. I think the recipe has been floating around blog land because I got it from a blog I follow, who got it from a blog she followers etc etc.... :) But ultimately its Pioneer women's recipe! You MUST try it, it did not disappoint.
The next two weekends Hunter and I have agreed to hunker down and concentrate on our unfinished house projects like THE SHED! Yep, still not completed. We have a coat of primer on it so it looks like we have a big marshmallow in our backyard right now.

We need to finish painting it, clean out the inside of it, then load it up with all the stuff from the garage, and then paint/refinish the garage. We're throwing a Christmas party at the house December 11th so that's our completion deadline. I need to send out party invitations this weekend and stay tuned for some fun blog posts on my Christmas party ideas. Will be putting together an inspiration board soon! xoxo


  1. You guys look great girl! I'm so glad ya'll enjoyed your much needed time together! Loved your hair curly! and LOVEEEEEEEEEE the tan oxfords... holy night love them!!! ps... thanks for making me crave a bagel!

  2. meat packing district?? ha I heard them say that on Keeping up with the Kardashians..but I cannot help but laugh every time I hear it!!!

  3. haha, it is a pretty funny name, and probably just like your picturing in your head :)


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