Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Nights Dinner

Hunter make Thai! Hehe We love Thai takeout and always order the curry. I came home from work last night and Hunter had decided to make the Thai we love at home!

Here’s what he used:
1lb or more of boneless pork loin (you could use chicken too we just always prefer pork in our Thai dishes)
½ sweet onion
1 bag of frozen Chinese vegetables (you know the kind with like snow peas, peppers, onions etc in it)
1 can of sliced bamboo shoots
1 can of sliced water chestnuts
I can of whole baby corn
2 11oz jars of Thai Kitchen Red Curry 10 minute simmer sauce
2 bags of boil in a bag Jasmine Rice
1tsp of Red Curry paste
1Tbs about of Chinese five spice

Now keep in mind the above ingredients are just what Hunter used and its by no means an “official” recipe a dash of this a pinch of that…you know how it goes, add spices until you like it. We also thought maybe next time we’ll put in a little coconut milk or shitake mushrooms!

Here’s how he made it…
1. slice the pork thin and salt and pepper it. Cook it in a saute pan with some olive oil
Once cooked transfer the pork to a big wok (or whatever big pan your going to use to make the whole dish in)
2. Add the frozen vegetables, baby corn, water chestnuts, diced onion, and bamboo shoots
Let it all cook together for a couple minutes
3. Add the two Jars of Curry Sauce along with the red curry paste and five Chinese spice. Add coconut milk here or cooked mushrooms at this point too if you think that sounds good.
4. Let it all cook together for about 15 minutes until you think its heated through and all the flavors have combined.
5. While its cooking boil your bags of rice.
6. Serve the rice topped with the curry sauce mixture!

And, here’s a few pics of the products we used and what the end product looked like.

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