Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wreath Project

I came across this image while perusing the Potterybarn website for holiday decor and feel IN LOVE!
I also thought to myself "I can do that" So, in an effort to make our front porch like this, this christmas season, yet not spend Potterybarn prices on it, I headed to Walmart. AAAAAND my husband threw a FIT!! Most wives get yelled out for shopping at Potterybarn and praised for shopping at Walmart and trying to save money right? Oh no, not this wife. I came home with a Walmart wreath, Walmart garland, and 2 packs of red and silver ornaments to make the ornament wreath/garland myself and my Hunter was NOT happy. hahahaha, no joke his exact words "WE are NOT putting up a WALMART wreath and WALMART garland on our front porch" MEN! His problem was he just couldn't picture or trust me that the end product would look just like POTTERYBARN. And don't you worry...I told his Mama how he acted and she ensured me he did NOT get his snootiness from her :) She said she was unsure where it came from but that he had always been like this and told a story about when he was 4 and needed a new sport coat for church. They would find one at a store like Ross or something but knew if they told him they got it from there he wouldn't wear it so they would lie to him about where they bought his clothes... at 4yrs old. hahaha, too Funny!
ANYHOO, I came home from Walmart with this 4 dollar wreath, and these two boxes of 48 ornaments for 10 dollars (5 bucks a piece).

And for 14 dollars made THIS!!

I think its pretty darn good considering I would have paid 80 dollars plus tax and shipping for this potterybarn one.
Now also keep in mind the lighting isn't as pretty in my picture as in the PB one. If I held mine up in the sun and took a picture of it, it would look JUST like it (wink, wink) :) But in all seriousness what do you think...should Hunter let me hang up my walmart wreath on our front door?

P.S. For those that are intested in making one themselves I just attached the balls to the wreath with green wire ornament hangers like these.

Tata for now! xoxo


  1. This looks fantastic! Wow, I can’t believe how much it looks EXACTLY like the PB wreath, great job Mel!!!! Will you make me one? I think you found your knack – wreaths for every holiday! I would like one for Christmas made of white + red shiny ordainments, no really – will you make me one!? Better follow up this post with an after picture – I want to see it on your door!!! XOXO and ps… Hunt… crack me up!

  2. You got it girl! I'll for sure make you one. Other friends and family...let me know if you would like one, I'd be happy to make them for you too!

  3. The picture looks fantastic but it is even BETTER in person, love it!! My mom is bringing down the lanterns for Yager, but if you need some for the holiday season to complete your look just let me know :) After this post I am definitely in the holiday spirit!

  4. Oh what a great idea, Thanks Nicola! I'd love to use them, and i'll clean them up nice for afterwards for the Penza wedding!


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