Monday, November 1, 2010

In the mountains we...

Do puzzles

Play with Lincoln logs

Build fires

Throw rocks down hills

Enjoy the view

Go on hikes

Hit golf balls with bats

and with golf clubs

Chop wood


Play with our pups

Cook yummy meals

Set the table pretty

Light off fireworks

Relax in the hot tub

Play games

Spend quality time with friends we love


  1. Such a cute post KML! Had a wonderful time with my bestest friends! You captured the weekend perfectly! You need to do a post on the dinners with the yummy receipts... I was trying to tell my girlfriends at work about the yummy food… but couldn’t exactly describe it and every word that came out of my mouth was bacon… LOL! Love you friend!

  2. wow yall really live it up in mtns!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVed everything about it and wanted to go with on NYE!! there is always next time.

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