Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am in DIRE need of some fashion help. I know I have cute clothes but lately I feel like I don't know what to pair with what. This morning I was getting dressed and wanted to wear this new brown plaid jacket I got with a camel wool skirt I have. Cute right? BUT couldn't figure out what to wear under it. I wanted to wear something more fun than a solid color but couldn't really find anything so ended up with a boring ole orange v-neck sweater under it. AND Then there's the issue that its COLD out today so I needed to wear tights. So I put on some dark brown tights. I looked in the mirrow and just did not like the looked like there was too much going on and I didnt like the contrast between the light camel skirt and dark brown tights. So my questions are these....
1. What tights do I wear under this camel skirt
2. what other cute tops can I wear under this plaid jacket.
3. I have a jean shirt that I think would look cute under the jacket but have been wondering if I can wear that jean shirt with jeans and the jacket? Jean tuxedo anyone?

On a positive note I'm pretty darn lucky that one of my Besties is a professional stylist! LINDSEY REGAN THORNE HELP

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