Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead...

We have a busy weekend ahead starting tonight! When I get off work I'm picking up my little sister (from Big Brother Big Sisters) and letting her sleepover at our house! She is SOOOOOOOOOO excited, it just puts a smile on my face thinking about her excitement :) Big Brothers Big Sisters allows you to start having overnights after a year of being together and we've been together about 2.5 yrs so it's long over due! After I pick her up, we'll go grocery shopping for stuff to make homemade pizzas and grab a movie. Once the pizzas are made we'll pull out the sofa bed in the living room and just veg all night while we eat, watch the movie, paint toes, all the fun girly stuff until we can't fight our heavy eyelids any longer!
Unfortunately, its going to be a short sleepover because Saturday morning Hunter and I are heading to Danville, VA early for the annual front yard tailgate. Every year we pick a Tech game to watch in the front yard of his grandmothers house. The whole family comes and we enjoy food, drinks, music, and the game of course all set up in the front yard of his grandmothers house. No doubt it will be fun and relaxing so I'm looking forward to it, GO HOKIES :)
Sunday, once again we are on the road early back to Charlotte because my lovely husband has a golf game to win with some friends. I have plenty of stuff to keep myself busy on Sunday around the house and garage prepping for the party and the holidays.
Our to-do list is MAD between now and December 10th....
-Yard work - mow, rake, our yard has been so neglected
-Get all the xmas stuff out and decorate the house including putting up both trees
-Finish garage - sanding walls, painting walls, painting floor
It's not a long list but all are time consuming projects and we have every weekend going forward booked up! We're heading out of town next Wednesday for Thanksgiving and won't return until Sunday. Then the first weekend in December the Hokies will most likely (throwing in the most likely as to not jinx us :)) be playing in the ACC Championship in Charlotte. Between the game and entertaining guests that will come into town, that's sure to take up most of the weekend. So that leaves us with 3 HUGE projects to finish and ZERO weekends to finish them in. We'll just have to peck away at them during the week after our 9 to 5er's .
This past week after work Hunter put a coat of primer on the garage walls and added trim along the ceiling, corners, and doorway. Slowly but surely....

Hope you all have a great weekend and feel the "Holiday Spirit" :) Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! xoxoxo
AND I leave you with this picture of Jake being Jake :)

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  1. busy wkend is RIGHT and let's not forget about the wreaths you made one of your besties!!! :)


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