Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Years Thanksgiving

Last year Hunter and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving. It was so special to us and we didn't have our blog back then so I wanted to share it with you now! We were newly engaged and my parents, Aunt, Uncle and cousins schemed together in decision to all come to our house for Thanksgiving. We tackled the challenge like champs, testing out dishes the weeks before, figuring out the timing of the cooking, and of course our table setting. We also learned that in our next house we want TWO stoves. :) The men had fun frying the turkey outside and building contraptions to do so, while the women chatted, drank wine and worked on the sides inside. Here's some pictures of our FIRST Thanksgiving we hosted....
The Table

ahhhh family time Its what its all about!
Cooks in the kitchen!
Dad injecting the turkey
Dad and Uncle Scott filling the fryer with oil
The men and the contraptions they made to help with frying :)
That's one good lookin fried turkey!
The smorgasbord
A happy customer hahahaha sorry mom :) I know your gonna KILL me for posting this pic!

Thankful for a kitchen to cook in, a husband to cook with, and a family to eat with! We are blessed, thanks be to the lord!

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