Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hokies are coming, the Hokies are coming...

Well I forgot my camera this past week so there are zero pictures to document our 2010 Thanksgiving which is sorta sad but was also refreshing to just take it all in and remember it in my head :) We spent Thanksgiving with Hunter's family in Danville, VA and then Saturday all of us headed up to Blacksburg to meet my parents for the VT vs. UVA game. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it was a COLD tailgate and game but we pulled out a good win!! VT = undefeated in the ACC and the Hokies are coming to the Queen City - ACC Championship baby!!
Last time the Hokies were in Charlotte it was August of 2008 and it wasn't pretty. We lost to ECU and it was by far the hottest football game I've ever attended. However, despite the loss and the heat when you have lots of family and friends in "your" city for a game its hard not to have a great time! Here's a few pics from that weekend back in 08!

My attempt at a VT cake for the tailgate. It was this day that I learned its IMPOSSIBLE to make maroon food coloring from the standard box of colors.

My Rochester girls came to visit game weekend!

Hunter and couple of his fraternity brothers that came to town!

Look closely and you can tell the VT fans are unhappy from their backside expressions. The girl with her hands on her head, and the men with thier hands on their hips. NOT GOOD!

My Charlotte girls showing thier VT support!

And God had just about enough of the heat too so he cooled us off with a rain at our tailgate after the game

Or maybe more like a torrential down pour!

It felt gooooooooooood :)
Ah such sweet memories! Can't wait to make more this weekend, with hopefully a WIN this time!

Hunter says..."GO VT be TOUGH like HUNTER"!!! :)

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